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User-Generated Content

WarTown Creative is a team built on customer service and high standards that is streamlined into the relationship we will have with you as our customer. We will use our video production expertise for your social media content and advertising needs. 

What We Can Create for You:


*We create content for both female and male-targeted products!*


  • Clothing

  • Home Decor

  • Kitchen Supplies

  • Beauty, Skin Care, and Makeup

  • Natural Hair Tools

  • Health + Wellness


Why User Generated Content?


It’s realistic, reliable, and relatable.


Customers can see themselves in the shoes of the UGC creator. Why? Because they look just like them! Customers like personal conversations from people using the products not convincing them to buy the product. 


It’s content for your business to use on your page and in your advertising framework.

Services and Investment:

These rates include video creation, product research, and original concepts based on the needs of your business. 


One 15-30 second video: $100


Three 15-30 second videos: $250


A/B Testing Package: $350

Use this package to help you find what connects with your audience more. This includes 4 videos (15-30 seconds) with different hooks to be used to see what captures your audience to most effectively. 


  • Filming 2 different sets of footage

  • applying 2 different sets of concepts

  • those 2 videos will be duplicated to have new hooks. 


Contact for Inquiries

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Social Media

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  • YouTube
  • Instagram
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